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Spruce/whitewood (Picea abies)

The colour varies from creamy white to light yellow and red-brown. The heartwood of the spruce is not distinct from the sapwood. Spruce is straight-grained with a smooth and even texture. The wood has medium density and the Strength properties are excellent. Sawing and machining is easy, as well as gluing, jointing and assembling.

The typical end-use of spruce/whitewood is as structural timber in studs and beams, indoors and outdoors. Spruce/whitewood is the most important building and construction timber in Europe. It is also used for interior construction, external joinery, carpentry, furniture, external paneling, facades, flooring, doors and packaging. The Swedish sawmill industries typically deliver sawn timber according to the following common dimensions but can also deliver timber in other dimensions.

Whitewood dimensions: