Decking & Wall Cladding

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of decking and wall cladding from all over the world, and with emphasis on the heavy and most durable tropical timbers:We only buy our products form carefully selected companies, who all adhere to the most stringent practices in the forestry industry as well as having effective quality control systems in place during the machining of the timber.All decking can be supplied in a variety of sizes and with various profiles.

Most common sizes:
19 x 68mm, 19 x 90mm, 19 x 120mm, 19 x 140mm, 21 x 90mm 21 x 140mm, 25 x 140mm

Most common profiles:
S4S E4E, S4S E4E reeded one face, anti-slip or anti-slip and reeded, clip profile or slanted profiles, however any profile can be created.