Hardwood Logs

We offer a wide variety of hardwood logs from all major production areas, but only work with carefully selected companies who all adhere to the most stringengt practices in the forestry industry, in order to ensure that all logs comes from sustainably managed forests. We work only through trusted sources with stringent quality control measures in place.Our primary sales markets for logs are Bangladesh, China, India, Saudia Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam, but we are able to supply almost all markets.

Cameroon: Azobe, Bilinga, Dabema, Ekop (Tetraberlinia), Limbali, Niove

Central African Republic: Iroko, Okan, Padouk, Sapele, Sipo, Tali

Rep. Congo: Azoba, Bilinga, Dabema, Limbali, Niove, Okoume, Sapele, Sipo, Tali

Guyana: Cow-wood, Greenheart, Jatoba, Kopi, Mora, Purpleheart

Suriname: Basralocus,Bulletwood, Djindja-Udu, Gelekabbes, Kaw-Udu, Makkakabbes, Makkagrin, Roodekabbes, Roode Locus, Wana, Zwarte Kabbes